New Music Photos

I have been so fortunate this year in being able to combine all my favorite things and support myself through it. Nothing makes me happier then art, music, bikes, friends and food! Amazingly this year has been full of it.

Going out and seeing live music really tickles me.
I love finding new bands from watching them play live. Like most things some bands can get it spot on and some just come crashing down in my books.
This year I have started shooting for a few music blogs and have found myself falling in love with new bands all over the place.
Shooting live music can have its ups and downs. Often I just want to hang out and enjoy the music rather then battling the crowd at the front of the stage. But then sometimes you get those perfect venues where there is plenty of room for everyone and the whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable.
Here are some shots from the past few shows....
A lot of these and more can be found at Cornershop Studios....

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