Music Monday/Tuesday Tunes

So I had big plans to start a "MUSIC MONDAY" blog series but mondays always seem to slip away from me without me even noticing. (And yes.... I did only just realize that today is tuesday.)
Due to circumstances that are out of my control I will now be doing a "TUESDAY TUNES" series instead.

I hope you all enjoy it!


p.s. The other day I was wandering aimlessly around the netscape when I came across a collection of photos entirely dedicated to Burgers in Montreal. I couldn't help but to flick through them and to my extreme disappointment I found out that it doesn't include where the Burger is from!!
This discovery, to me, makes the whole purpose of the collection absolutely pointless.
The only thing I gained from it was an intense craving for burgers.
So today I made one!! Just like a proud parent... I took photos of it.
(and just quietly, it was possibly the most delicious burger that I have ever eaten!)
It consisted of Chilli beef patty, sautéed onions, mushrooms and garlic, cheese, tomato, lettuce, basil, mustard, herb mayo and a fresh toasted bun. 

When I was a child and my mum couldn't make it for dinner, my father would cook for us. He would test his skills in the kitchen and create a wonderful 'Dinner Delight'. But dinner time was never complete until he had taken a photo of the meal before and then of each child's empty plate after. He was always very proud to show our mum. I have the same pride about my burger but unfortunately I slipped into a food coma shortly after eating it and could not manage to get a shot of the plate. Anyways... this one is for you dad!

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