Cyclocross | Ottawa

Life has been a bit crazy busy lately...I've been losing track of time and enjoying real life human interaction hence why my "www" has been pretty slow these days.
I have lots of things to put up for you all so don't be too detoured by the lack of updates cause its all about to change.

A few weeks ago I piled into a car (for the first time in months) with 6 others, a lot of bikes and we headed off to cold, wet, dark Ottawa. It was my first experience with Cyclocross and amidst the confusion as to why people actually do this voluntarily I managed to grab some shots of the lads. It all looked incredibly painful but once it was over I felt an overwhelming urge to give it a go. Maybe a thought for next year....

Here are some of the photos... 

IMG_9983a by you.
IMG_0102a by you.
IMG_0138a by you.
IMG_9856a by you.
IMG_0029a by you.
IMG_9972a by you.
IMG_9857a by you.
IMG_0109a by you.
IMG_9901a by you.
IMG_9913a by you.
IMG_9877a by you.

Full Set here......

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