RIDE ON Mixtape

Here is another mixtape for you all.
I hold this one quite dear to me. So much has happened in the past month.
New friends, lost friends, new loves, new experiences, new directions and a lot of new thoughts. It is also the beginning of Fall and everything outside is changing.
Lots of things changing....
I have been working on this mixtape for a while and I feel like I have just got it right.

I hope you enjoy it!

Download Ride On....

01 Home                                     4:58    Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros  
02 Bound To Be That Way          7:36    Do Make Say Think  
03 The whale song                     6:04    Modest Mouse   
04 New Years                             2:58    Ohbijou  
05 Triangle Walks                       4:23    Fever Ray   
06 Tigers In Our Hearts              2:04    The Big Sleep  
07 Polaroid Solution                   3:21    Faded Paper Figures   
08 I Say Fever                            4:28    Ramona Falls   
09 Not Your Lover                       2:51    Blitzen Trapper  
10 Just (Radiohead cover)          5:25    Mark Ronson (feat. Alex Greenwald)  
11 Down By The Water               3:31    The Drums   
12 Everybody Here Is A Cloud   3:16    Cloud Cult   

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