Alvin Band
Introducing Alvin Band.... If you like Animal Collective the you are going to like Alvin Band.
Alvin Band sound so much like Animal Collective thats its almost criminal.. but in saying that I like Animal Collective and therefore I like Alvin Band.

Rick Schaier is the founder and sole member of Alvin Band, a creative project in which all sounds are created without the use of instruments. Schaier began recording his vocal compositions in early 2008, while he and the rest of Miniature Tigers set to work on their debut album. When he's not holed up in the studio, the musician would take a microphone and a laptop computer into his friend's bathroom, where he drew upon the influence of Bjork's Med·lla while creating songs with his vocals and body slaps.

The Southern-California-based, twenty-one-year-old has just released Mantis Preying, the first 'official' release by Alvin Band that also includes a limited edition bonus six song EP from an earlier bedroom recording that has come to be known as Lady Portrait.

Check out the Myspace page here and give it a listen.

Alvin Band "Temple Pressure" from Travis Schneider on Vimeo.

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