Ohbijou - New Years

Ohbijou - New Years from explodingmotorcar on Vimeo.

Since being in Montreal I have been really getting into some local Canadian bands. One that I been introduced to is Ohbijou.
Ohbijou is an indie pop band based in TorontoCanada. It originally was a project by sisters, Casey and Jennifer Mecija. Later the band expanded to include Heather Kirby (bass, banjo), James Bunton (drums, trumpet), Anissa Hart (cello), Ryan Carley (piano, synth, glockenspiel, electric piano, harpsichord), and Andrew Kinoshita (mandolin). In the context of Ohbijou, Casey remains as lead vocalist, though also plays guitar, piano and ukulele. Jennifer continues to add vocal layering, moreover, her instrumental contributions to Ohbijou include violin, harmochord, glockenspiel, organ and melodica.
Their new Album - Beacons was released this year and includes the song New Years.
This is just a really great video for a really great song. Stop motion reigns supreme in 2009 and this is probably one of the year’s best examples. Beautiful work.

Full credits (and there’s a lot of them):
Created By: Exploding Motor Car
Producer: Geoff Mclean
Production Company: Vision Film Co
Animation Director: Brett Long
Stop Motion Animator: Mike Weiss
Production Designers: Winston Hacking, Jeff Garcia, Daijaro Hama
Live Action DP: Barry Cheong
Stop-Mo DP: Drew Fortier
Editor: Marc De Pape
Post FX: Jesse Ewles
1st AC: Julia Seidman
Gaffer: Cliff Ramnauth
Makeup: Kenji Sato
Sets+Prop Builders: Martin Macpherson, Jay Graham

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