NYC to Philadelphia on a track bike....

The NYC Bicycle Film Festival had wrapped up and so had all my energy. I thought I could of slept for a week without even a shift.... I also thought that the idea could of been possible cause it was obvious that everyone needed the rest but no luck. The final afterparty kicked on till the break of dawn more so then any of the others. At one point I found myself in an apartment on Astor Place listening to a girl sing in her kitchen with one boob hanging out while a photoshoot went on in the hallway.
hmm I guess that's New York for you.

A few days past and before I knew it I was on a bike with my fellow BFFer's riding uptown to Columbus Circle. There we met up with 42 other riders who were taking part in the 42BELOW® 42RIDE. A cross-country ride from New York City to LA. What an experience that would be!
The first leg of the ride was NYC to Philadelphia... which was perfect cause the next festival was Philly! Florida Producer, Jen Whalen, and Barcelona Producer, Simone Bericua and I grabbed our track bikes and joined in on the fun.

Unfortunately due to my ever increasingly unorganized lifestyle, all I had to do the ride with was a pair of jeans and a mens saddle. I definitely paid the price for this one.

Over 2 days we covered around 150miles with a stop over in Somerset, NJ for the night.

We finally made it to Philly after some really ridiculous directions were given out (which we often ignored and hit the highway instead). My skin was burning from severe sunburn and my crotch felt like it had been kicked by a horse but the whole experience was amazing. The ride through NJ and Pennsylvania was really nice. So good to get out on an open road and enjoy the sights and smells. (all except the ones that repeatedly exploded from Jen's arse!)

thanks everyone for a great ride.

Im going to stop it here cause the antics that went on in Philly should never be repeated.



Enyáj said...

Dear your sunburn is most impressive! What an adventure!!

WaHS said...

Haha I think my sunburn is more scary then impressive.. but thank you anyways! xo