So its friday again... the weeks go way too fast these days!
In the wonderful city of Montreal lives a man by the name of Jacques.
He is an avid bike rider and loves to watch films... One summer day he decided to combine the 2 together.
So he created the BOOM BIKE.
It is a trailer with a projector and sound system that gets pulled behind a bike. He invited a few friends and picked a film he had never seen before.. off they went to the park, found some trees, put up a white sheet and PRESTO! Outdoor cinema.

This happens every friday night throughout summer in Montreal, its free and its heaps of fun.

9.30pm meet at parc de la Boldue (rachel-berri)

Tonight - QUICKSILVER (1986) starring Kevin Bacon. Written and directed by Thomas Michael Donnelly, the film also includes Jami Gertz, Paul Rodriguez, Louie Anderson, Laurence Fishburne, and Rudy Ramos.

BFF Montreal by Bicycle Film Festival.
BFF Montreal by Bicycle Film Festival.


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