Anti-Ad Campaign - New York

Early Saturday morning, April twenty-fifth, scores of artists and volunteers took to the streets of NYC armed with rollers and five gallon buckets of white paint. By the mid afternoon, this group had whitewashed over 120 outdoor advertising spaces. These spaces were then left teeming with myriad art-stuffs by nightfall. In a deft move of mass motivation, this "Anti-Ad Campaign" was masterminded by one Jordan Seiler. The cause, to raise awareness to the illegality of these outdoor advertising spaces, to give the public a moments respite to the non-stop inundation caused by ads and to exact a little revenge. I must say, after seeing almost 18,000 square feet of blight washed white, the city certainly felt a bit breezier. ---DICKCHICKEN

volunteer whitewashes billboard; photo by Will Sherman

that's teamwork!; photo by Clint Spaulding

stop buying sh*t...DICKCHICKEN.; photo by Clint Spaulding

Zac Braun

unknown artist



Source: FecalfaceSF

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