Deanne Smith

Last night while I was lying on the couch working on photos and listening to the new metric album...(which might I add is awesome!) Good News Week came on the TV. Normally I cant change the channel fast enough when I see McDermott's cheesy grin but just as I was reaching for the remote he introduced Deanne Smith.
'What a cute little Canadian' I thought and paused from hitting the channel button. This quick introduction wasn't enough for me to stop and watch the show but seen that my sole concentration wasn't on the tv I couldn't see any harm to just leave it on that channel and continue doing my work.
This cute little Canadian kept popping up on the screen which distracted me from completing anything that I was doing... including listening to the sounds of the Metrics. I put down the computer and for the first time since 1997 I watched Good News Week.

Deanne Smith is a comedian from Montreal, Canada and is currently in Australia with shows in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne. She is still only fresh to the comedian scene but this is her second tour of Australia. So my advice is... if you are in either of these cities or around, take some time out and catch one of her shows before she heads back home. She held her own with McDermott so I'm sure her own show would be hysterical.

Check out her site here....

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