BO Gear (Brisbane Outdoor Gear!!!)

In my first introduction to the Brisbane Bike Polo scene I was fortunate to meet a group of really great down-to-earth people. Ranging from students to messengers to doctors to designers to shop owners but one thing we all have in common is bikes and polo.
Brisbane is a small and thriving city but, more often then not, will get over-looked. Many great things have come out of Brisbane and I have always liked to support our own crop. With duo An Horse taking over North America and Anthony Lister, Nick Plowman and Shaun O'Connor amongst a long list of artists and designers traveling afar, Brisbane is definitely on the map.

Dave Bell is the next name to watch out for and his brand Brisbane Outdoor Gear (aka BOgear).
He is known around town as 'Ranga' thanks to his flaming red locks and with a smile a mile wide, this happy-go-lucky dude is hard to miss. He is a great rider, polo player, big supporter of local communities and a lover of the environment.

Brisbane Outdoor Gear designs and manufactures custom products for use in the outdoors. Dave started BOgear late in 2008 and have spent the majority of the time to date developing three messenger bags. Two designs are ready for market at the moment; a small one -papermunky - (Picture) and a large one -elephantitus - .

Papermunky by Brisbane Outdoor Gear.

Messenger bags are just the start of where Brisbane Outdoor Gear is heading; In the future designs will include commuter specific bags, bicycle touring gear (including tents), and then on to hiking and adventure bags/tents/gear.
The business itself focuses on three things; Hard-wearing gear, local communities, and the environment. But above all, it's all about fun and having fun doing it.

Daves' bags are used of all recycled materials including the use of old billboard posters as a protective lining. What more could you ask for! Plus they retail for a hell of a lot cheaper then our more well-known names.
Erik at Gear Brisbane in West End is the first to stock BOgear. So head on down and check them out. You wont be disappointed!

"We want our gear to last so long it almost has a life of its own; we want it to be associated with your memories of intense outdoor experiences. And when the gear can no longer possibly have a life we want it back. We'll evaluate it, repair it if we can or failing that, use parts of it into a new product. If we can repair it, we'll donate it to a charity that needs the product, such as a disaster relief appeal, or for the homeless in our local communities.

We aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are not perfect, but we damn well try to be! This means sourcing better materials for the environment, being more economical with our patterns, reducing, reusing, and recycling.

This dirtification guarantee covers everything of ours. You crash into a car during an alley cat and your bag gets cut up worse than a Chucky victim, we’ll replace it. If the stitching fails because you decide it would be funny to carry acid home from the pool shop, we’ll replace it. And if the buckles fail because your dog has a thing for black plastic, that too we’ll replace."

Check out BOgear blog for all the latest news here...

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