Some Will Have to go By Char2d2 | film

Beautiful film by the incredibly talented Perrine La Fraicheur for the equally talented and amazing musician, Char2d2.
This is a DIY stop motion music video for the song "Some Will Have To Go" by Vancouver raised, Montreal based canadian pop songwriter Char2d2. The song is taken from her debut EP "Small Vampires" co-produced by Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara).

"Some Will Have To Go" by Char2d2 / Video : La Fraicheur from Perrine - La Fraicheur on Vimeo.

The music video is all about the analogy between love and time, seasons and travelling. It's a cycle, it's never ending. When making this video i had this quote in mind (can't remember where it's from) "life it's over when it's ending but it's ending from the start". Yet again there is enough surprises around so that the end of one thing will be the soil for the next thing to grown onto. Rising phoenix, ashes and all that jazz.

you can buy / download it on Maple Music or Itunes

and learn more about Char2d2 here
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thank you for that amelia shaw. the australisans surely did invented something cool when they came up with you.

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i meant the australians...