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On Tuesday night I went to the first Happengläd's New Hat series hosted by DeAnne Smith.
Id have to say it was the most enjoyable $5 I've spent in a while!

""Happenglad's New Hat" is the new DeAnne Smith project, after yet another successful Australian tour. The show will embrace a variety hour format, with special guests and improvisers alongside her as host. "

The show was packed full of acts that had me laughing, crying (from laughter), and awkwardly cringing the whole way through. I think there was even a moment when I felt slightly scared... Yes yes that was the moment when DeAnne Smith tried out her new 'catch phrase'. I guess there is really no knowing where the show will go with DeAnne Smith as the host.
It was at Au Nouveau Théâtre Sainte-Catherine which was an awesome venue for the event.
A lovely woman sat beside me who had clearly walked in off the street with no idea of what was going on. Throughout the show she asked me questions about references that she didnt understand and grabbed my shoulder as she wheezed with laughter, rocking back and forth on her chair. By the end of the show, after I had explained some rather uncomfortable topics to this complete stranger I felt a twinge of sadness as we parted ways. I hope she comes back to the next one.....

There were some really awesome performances that night.
My favorites would have to be QUEEN The All Female Improv Troupe Not The Band, Mike Patterson, DeAnne Smith(ers) and fellow Australian, Sarah Quinn who perfectly described the monotony and hilariousness of the office environment. 

This was the 1st of the "New Hat" Series that will be happening once a month at Au Nouveau Théâtre Sainte-Catherine. It involved music, stand up, puppetry, improv and spoken word.

Im not sure on the details of the next show but ill be sure to blog as soon as I find out.
Its a great way to get out and enjoy some of the upcoming local talent. I highly recommend coming along.


List of acts-
QUEEN The All Female Improv Troupe Not The Band
George Hamilton Braithwaite
Lise Vigneault
Sarah Quinn
Keith Waterfield & Nathan Taylor
Mike Patterson
Larissa Andrusyshyn
A Mystery Band

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q said...

Thanks Amelia! Glad you enjoyed the show, and welcome to Montreal! For anyone else who happens to be interested: the mysterious improvising musician was Christopher Fox, from Migrating Birds (among other collabs)

Hope to see you at the next one!