Beer, Bikes and Bagels....

These three things have been following me around a lot lately.
Beer and bikes have been present for quite a while but the latest addition is Bagels.
I have always been a fan of bagels but since moving to NYC, my eyes really have been opened up to the delicious competitive world of the boiled doughnut shaped bread.
Back home in Brisbane fresh bagels are hard to come by. Packaged bagels from the local Coles is about as good as it gets. Oh how terribly wrong I was!

I have been traveling around quite a bit recently and have made it a project to document the Bagels from that area. NYC claims that it is the quality of their water that makes theirs the best in the world. Brick Lane Bagels in London also claim that they are best. While Montreal has 2 24hr bagels stores within blocks from each other that pump out hot fresh bagels all day and all night.

The sweet combination of Beer, Bikes and Bagels is often the cause of me trying to charm the lovely lady at Fairmount Bagels in the early hours of the morning so she will give me her freshest hottest bagels straight out of the oven. We are now on first name basis!

I still have a bit more research to do and a few more Bagels to try but stay tuned to hear who actually has the 'BEST BAGELS'.


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Hillbilly Sweats said...

you are so cute miss meals! i miss you! xx