Náttúra documentary

For lovers of nature and beautiful pictures, here is a very nice documentary focusing specifically on Iceland, often nicknamed "the land of ice and fire" because of its active volcanoes and majestuous glaciers.

The Icelandic environmental documentary Náttúra has been released this week (only on iTunes).

The film focuses on the current environmental issues that face Iceland ; it includes interviews with Björk along with many other well-known Icelandic figures active in the preservation of its untamed nature.

This documentary comes at a time when political leaders plan to harness every single river and waterfall of this unspoilt island located in the middle of the North-Atlantic, aiming at providing cheap electricity for aluminium giant smelteries.

It's a testimony for the future generations that there are still untouched natural areas in Europe where it's possible to observe incredible landscapes forged by the volcanic forces.

All proceeds from the documentary will benefit the Náttúra Campaign, a non-profit organization created to protect nature.

Watch an extract here — Music : Björk and Sigur Rós — Photo credit : Rod

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